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Festivals in Murcia: Culture and Shows in the region.

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Festivals in Murcia: Culture and Shows in the region.

The Region of Murcia is a place with a great musical scene. Even more in Spring and Summer, when we can find plenty of cultural options to join and enjoy the climate of the region, with good music and shows. Some of these are:


SOS 4.8

A cultural event with international transcendence that has been progressively growing both in attendance, and the number of proposals in its áreas of Music, Art and Voices.

Place: Murcia.
Web: http://www.sos48.com/


The festival of electronic music in Murcia.
Date: June
Place: Murcia

Web: http://www.animalsoundfest.com/

Festival Lemon Pop

Lemon Pop looks to help out artists from in and outside the region of Murcia, and new forms of expression.

Date: September
Web: http://www.myspace.com/lemonpopmurcia

B-side Fest

A festival bron in Molina de Segura thanks to the local city hall, which, for a long time now, has been betting on live music and pop.
Date: September
Web www.b-sidefestival.com


Festival Internacional de Foklore en el Mediterráneo

During 4 days performing all around the city tradicional dance groups, being these national, international and regional. Complementary activities are aswell programmed.

Date: September
Web http://www.murcia.es/cultura/index.aspx

Festival Nacional de Folklore Ciudad de Jumilla
The national festival of Folklore “Ciudad de Jumilla” opens its gates to the music and dance of bands coming from all the national geography.

Date: August
Web: http://www.fnfjumilla.com/fnfjumilla.asp


Festival La Mar de Músicas

Musics of the world festival with a mixed Schedule and the turistic attractive of Cartagena.
Date: July
Web: http://www.lamardemusicas.com/



Decorrido. Festival de Agitación Escénica

The festivals wants to generate the encounter between the makers and the public with a circuit of independent spaces open to the creativity and debate. We understand that in this unión resides the strength that everybody needs for their presence and development. Decorrido develops itself in marathonian sesions throughout several days with spaces loaded with performances, anti-shows, actions, Works in progress or experiments.

The festival wants to look into the presential arts as well as into their connections with nowadays topics of our society.

Fechas: Junio


Festival Internacional de Teatro de Molina de Segura

El Festival de Teatro de Molina nació en 1970 por iniciativa de la Agrupación de Teatro Experimental de Molina (Grupo A.T.E.M.), viniendo a cubrir un vacío existente en este apartado y sirviendo como plataforma cultural reivindicativa.
Ha alcanzado un importante reconocimiento nacional a lo largo de sus más de cuarenta años, atrayendo espectáculos de primer orden a la ciudad que se centran fundamentalmente en propuestas escénicas un tanto más experimentales así como en teatro de calle.

The “Festival de Teatro de Molina” was born in 1970 thanks to the “Agrupación de Teatro Experimental de Molina (A.T.E.M. group)”, coming to cover an existing void in this section and serving as a cultural platform.

It has achieved an important national acknowledgement throughout its more tan forty years, attracting performances of first world’s order to the city, mainly focused in scenic proposals a bit more experimental, such as theater in the streets.

Date: October


Source: http://www.informajoven.org/info/cultura/D_1_14_21.asp