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Murcian gastronomy, one of the wonders of our region!

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Murcian gastronomy, one of the wonders of our region!

With the Fair of Murcia here it is a great time to remember some of the typical murcian dishes that we can find in our city, especially now during the festivities. One of the things that our region is best known for, is our gastronomy; Our dishes are unique!


The michirones are one of the most consumed spoon dishes to get warm and to fill us with energy. The stew is prepared from dried beans, served in a clay pot and cooked with bacon, a ham bone, chorizo, a spicy touch and paprika

2. Caldero del Mar Menor.

Its elaboration is a bit strange. The rice is cooked in a broth based on rock fish and ñoras (dried fruits of the area), garlic, tomato, saffron, salt and pepper. For presentation it is usually served with rice in one dish, and fish and broth in the other.

3. Murcian meat pie.

Its salty preparation is made with veal, ham, chorizo, hard-boiled egg, olive oil, salt and pepper. You can also find it with bacon and green pepper.

This appetizing cake is strong and of great caloric value, but its excellent raw materials and its craftsmanship make it really healthy. Just take a walk after the meal. If you visit Murcia and you do not eat it, it would be as if you had not been here!

4. Zarangollo.

The zarangollo is a simple but delicious dish with slices of zucchini, onion and egg. The skin is used to give a crunchy texture to the dish and to not losing its nutritional properties. In some bars or restaurants you’ll find it with eggplant or potato aswell.

5. Paparajotes.

This recipe, introduced by the Arabs, consists of covering leaves of lemon with the dough that the fritters are made with (flour, milk, eggs and sugar), and then they’re fried. So simple and original! Once fried, powdered sugar and cinnamon are sprinkled over them, and we have it, the dessert that awakens all the senses!

It is a typical dish of the “Fiestas de Primera” and one of the 7 gastronomic wonders of our country.

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