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Studying in Murcia: Great universities at your fingertips.

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Studying in Murcia: Great universities at your fingertips.

The region of Murcia has a good number of universities and, between them, there are several professors with a worldwide renown on their respective fields. Faculties in Espinardo such as IT or Mathematics have a huge weight in Spain, ranking amongst the most valued in the country (just to name a few examples). The region has universities in Lorca, Murcia (Espinardo and La Merced), and Cartagena. In the area of Cartagena we can find mainly engineering, being really important the naval engineering (worth noting that Isaac Peral, known as the “inventor of the submarine” was from Cartagena). Cartagena has a huge weight in what engineering reffers in Spain, attracting lots of students from all around Spain aswell Europe.

The campus of Cartagena, La Merced and Espinardo are, probably, the ones attracting more foreigner students to Murcia due to the “Erasmus” program, through which students from all around Europe can spend a year studying out of their country in the faculties that have an arrangement with their university. This cultural mix makes student’s life in the region very diverse and nourished, mainly for those living in Murcia that have the chance of getting to know people with different cultures, habits, lifestyles, points of view… At the same time the Erasmus get to know the culture of Murcia, people and traditions.

The new university course draws closer each day, and it is the momento to start looking for apartments nearby the campuses; the confort is a very important factor to have in mind at the time of choosing where t olive for the students, as the proximity to the place where they will be studying always make things easier.

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